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What We Offer

Sterling K provides a wide range of design, marketing, technology and internet services. We work closely with our clients to determine the best package of services for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Website Redesign

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you may be losing visitors. Google now favors sites that it deems mobile-friendly in its search results.

Learn more about mobilegeddon and how to instantly see how the "Googlebot" views your site for mobile visitors by clicking the following link. Mobile Website Redesign

Software Development

Custom doesn't always equal expensive. We often draw from (and contribute to) the open source community for a wide range of software parts to tailor custom applications for our customers. Why re-invent the wheel? Most of the toughest problems have already been solved many time over. Our expertise lies in bringing the best of open source technologies and a bit of glue to put together your ideal software program. Web based, desktop, Linux or Windows, if you can dream it we can build it.

Private Cloud Hosting

Sterling K also provides managed hosting services on our own private cloud. Moving programs and customer data to the cloud provides it's own set of unique challenges. Priority one for our customers is the safety and security of their data. Hosting on our private cloud offers all the benefits of scalability, reliability, fast provisioning and low cost associated with the large public cloud providers, without ceding control to the large public cloud providers.

If your thinking about 'taking it to the cloud', give us a call to discuss all the options. Public, private or hybrid, your cloud or ours, we can design it, host it and manage it.

Design Services

Offline and online, we can help unify your presence, your look and feel, your Brand to the world in a consistent manner. Print, Web and Social. We can help you bring it all together.